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We invite you to partner with us and support the work of the Pastors Retreat at the Mountain Learning Center in revitalizing pastors and their spouses.


It has been said, "A pastor is a terrible person to waste." In a culture where the church has been marginalized, many clergy are treated as "throw-away, dispensable" objects. Their war stories from the front lines of ministry would break your hearts. It is time to get tangibly involved in empowering the spiritual and emotional health of our leader-servants. With their training and experience, they truly are one of our most valuable assets as leaders in Christ's Church. It is time to stop "shooting our wounded" leaders and bring them to a safe place of restoration, renewal, and revitalization.

That is precisely the mission of the MLC Pastors Retreat: revitalizing pastors and their spouses. We've been doing just that for many years. Ninety percent of Pastor Retreat alumni report that the issues that brought them to the Retreat no longer debilitate their marriage and/or ministry. Their intimacy and integrity with God and others is refreshed and renewed to healthier levels of service and leadership in the Church as a result of Retreat participation. This in turn brings about greater health and vitality to the greater Body of Christ, the Church, and God's Kingdom work. Isn't that fantastic?!

We need your help in order to sustain this mission. The fee Retreat participants pay only covers half of the real costs. This is by design. On a typical pastor's salary, the services we provide are nearly cost prohibitive — particularly if the pastor is married with a family to support. Yes, many churches assist their leaders with the costs. However, we believe the greater Body of Christ needs to assume some of the responsibility for caring for their leaders — investing in their health will only bring greater health to Christ's Church. We ask that you participate and partner with us in revitalizing pastors and their spouses by giving a gift to the ministry.

Here are several options for you to consider in support of this vital ministry mission:

  • Prayer. You may communicate with our office by phone and or email to request being added to our monthly prayer letter. See the Contact Information page to access our addresses.
  • Give regularly to the ministry:
    • Send a check made out to the Mountain Learning Center.
    • Call and use your credit card. Contact our office (1-800-293-2508) to arrange a donation with your Visa or Master Card.
    • Donate appreciated assets such as stocks, real estate, etc. We also accept certain non-appreciated assets (such as vehicles). Please contact our office to discuss various options that allow you to bless others in ministry leadership while at the same time maximizing your tax benefit.
    • Give online using your Visa or Master Card. Simply fill out the information below and submit it, utilizing our secure system.
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Thank you for loving "in deed and truth" (1 John 3:18).

Stewardship. The MLC is primarily funded through financial gifts from private individuals. The MLC is a tax-exempt (501 c.3), not-for-profit, California Corporation. All gifts to the ministry are tax-deductible donations for income tax purposes. All financial records of the ministry are considered as public documents and are available by request.

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