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Who ministers to the Minister?

When was the last time you and your spouse got away from it all for eleven days together ... to pray, reflect, rest, restore, and renew your body, soul, and spirit?

The ministry is the most emotionally hazardous and stressful of all vocations. (According to Dr. Archibald Hart, Dr. H.B. London, and other experts in the field of clergy care.)

Seminaries do a great job preparing men and women for ministry in Bible, theology, and some of the practical aspects of doing ministry. But who nurtures your growth and development when navigating the demands and challenges of leading God’s people? Who is preparing you and your family for the hidden hazards and stresses of being in the ministry? When wounded by ministry, do you have a tangible source of encouragement, acceptance and refreshment?

The Mountain Learning Center provides a mountain retreat where a physically enjoyable, emotionally gratifying, and spiritually invigorating experience revitalizes pastors and their spouses' relationships with God, self and others.


70% of pastors indicate that their self-esteem is lower than when they started out in ministry. We encourage, affirm and care for you and your spouse.
We gently nurture your life-long development as a follower of Christ.


Mountains reflecting in the calm lake waters. REFLECTION
We participate together in professional assessment of the pastor as person and spouse in relationship to vocation and marriage. The positive and affirming input from your peers in ministry provides an objective basis for you to reflect upon your life and calling from the Lord.
We engage you in proactive rest. Our location in the Eastern Sierra mountains outside Yosemite National Park has abundant recreational and leisure opportunities. Or perhaps you feel inclined to rest and relax from the hectic pace of ministry with afternoon naps, reading, or relaxing walks in the meadows near one of our four adjacent lakes.
Stream side hiking.
Mountains reflecting in the calm lake waters.

We are a seasoned ministry with many years expertise in the integration of the physical, psycho-social, and spiritual aspects of the whole person from an integrative perspective. We provide a safe envronment with other ministry couples; everything is held in strict confidence.

Within twelve months of participating in a Pastors Retreat, 90% of couples report that the personal and professional issues that brought them to the Mountain Learning Center are no longer debilitating their marriage or ministry. The eleven day Retreat experience, along with the quarterly post-retreat counseling and personal spiritual renewal, revitalizes all aspects of life relationships for the ministry couple.

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