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Who Benefits from a Retreat?


Everyone in ministry can derive benefit from the Retreat.


However, those who have been in ministry for more than five years, especially those who have suffered a personally painful ministry experience, or whose marriage is hurting, have the most to gain. Our records of Retreat alumni reveal that stress, burnout, depression, forced termination, marriage and family crises, and life-cycle transition issues are the top reasons clergy couples choose to attend a Retreat. Consequently, come with a willingness to learn about yourself. Many alumni report in retrospect that the Retreat was a positive life-altering experience personally and professionally.

The result of attending a MLC Pastors' Retreat is the special gratification that comes from caring for God's valuable human investment in the Church of Jesus!

These benefits are accomplished through the Mountain Learning Center's unique approach to clergy care. The ministry couple will participate in exploring their vital relationships with God, self and others in four components:

Preventive Education:
examines the hidden stresses and emotional hazards of vocational ministry.

Group Therapy:
provides a safe place to share their burdens in an environment of healing grace and affirmation with other clergy members.

Individual and/or Couple Counseling:
provides a marriage "tune-up" and/or facilitates addressing deeper complex issues that may be negatively affecting an individual or couple in relational crisis.

One Year of Quarterly Follow-up:
Prior to leaving from the Retreat, each participant will prepare a post-retreat plan for healthy growth that is based upon the insights derived from the Lord during the eleven day Retreat. On a quarterly basis for one year, Dr. Veenker will contact each participant by telephone for encouragement and gracious support in the ongoing revitalization process.

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