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...revitalizing pastors and their spouses


"I arrived with a sense of hopelessness and despair and in agony and pain; I departed encouraged, filled with renewed hope, and a significantly reduced pain level. Thank you for equipping us to go forward."
---an Assembly of God Pastor's Wife

"Sometimes the whole world comes crushing down at once; extended family deaths, church conflicts, depression, marital dissatisfaction and mid-life crisis. It was good to have a safe place to go and receive support, wisdom, and care. Thanks to Russ and the MLC Pastor's Retreat these were available to us. His clinical wisdom and personal care helped us find new unity and strength for ministry and most importantly our marriage relationship."
---a Baptist Pastor

"Transitions are vital keys to health in ministry and life. There was no training for me in seminary or anywhere that I knew of in helping me move from one phase of ministry life to another. I found myself very alone asking questions that no one was answering. It is one thing for a person to want to give care to men and women in ministry. It is another thing to know how to give it. Russ's work and vision are vital to taking the leaders of a nation to a deeper level."
---a Bible Church Pastor

"I came to the MLC bound up with cords of confusion, discouragement and shame. Through both the insightful counsel and the quiet context of June Lake, I came away refreshed and freed up in my soul."
---a Baptist Pastor's Wife

"We came to the MLC at a turning point in our lives and ministry. It was critical that we make good choices and the MLC was able to help us do that. Our time at MLC was a gift from God!"
---a Foursquare Church Pastor

"These were two of the most marvelous and insight-filled weeks of our lives; so helpful for our marriage, our health, our ministry and our spiritual well-being.  Every pastor couple should have this privileged experience.  The Veenkers are a gift to the church."
---a Presbyterian Pastor

"My time at the MLC was wonderfully renewing and instructive for me personally, and for my marriage. I received insights and encouragement that will help me overcome chronic spiritual struggles, all bathed in the admonition to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit."
---a Friends Pastors' Wife

"We came to the Mountain Learning Center seeking recovery from ministry burnout and a broken marriage. Our two weeks at the MLC helped us to process our situation, and determine steps to heal our marriage and prepare to serve in ministry again. The MLC saved our marriage and gave us hope for future usefulness to the Kingdom's work. It is a vital part of our recovery and revitalization."
---an Baptist Pastor

"Russ's insight and counsel into how pastors process and function was vital to helping me move through a transition that was very confusing and very painful."
---an Interdenominational Evangelical Pastor

"The MLC was a fun, refreshing, healing experience for my wife and me. The beautiful setting and sensitive counseling were just what God ordered for us. We were tired and discouraged with ministry and needed perspective. We found it at the MLC. Both Russ and Kandy are tops in our book...gracious servants of the God."
---a Baptist Pastor

"My wife and I have found a new level of understanding for one another. Our focus on ministry has been changed as well as the focus on our family. Most importantly, I have found how to manage an inner rage that has been a constant in me since childhood."
---an Assembly of God Pastor

"I came to the MLC with some trepidation.  But feeling overwhelming hurt and pain, I arrived, hoping for help and release.  Through Russ’ encouragement and the listening ear of both he and Kandy, I came away feeling like I could be free from the past and move on to whatever God has in store for my spouse and I.  It was the beginning of hope."
---a Christian Church Pastor of Women’s Ministry

all comments used by permission.

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